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Kerosene (Regular Burning Oil)

Kerosene is ideal for:

  • Domestic Heating Appliances
  • Vapourising Flame Burners
  • Pressure Jet Boilers

Did You Know?

Kerosene is also known as Domestic Oil, RBO, Domestic 28 Second, or Household Oil.

Kerosene is an economical, clean burning fuel with a high heat output, ideal for household use. 

Minimum delivery requirement = 500 litres



BS 2869, Class C2 

·          Density @ 15oC = max .820g/ml

·          Appearance =  Clear and bright, free from visible sediment and water Visual Odour

·          Distillation:

Rec @ 200oC = min 15%vol

Rec @ 210oC = max 90%vol

Rec @ 240oC = min 50%vol

·          FBP = max 300oC

·          Residue = max 2%vol

·          Flash Point = min 30oC

·          Smoke Point = 19mm

·          Sulphur = max 0.20%wt

·          Copper Corrosion (3hrs @ 100oC) = max class 1

·          Char Value = max 20mg/kg

·          Kinematic Viscosity @ 40oC = min 1.0cSt max 2.0cSt

·          Doctor Test = Negative

·          Or Mercaptan Sulphur = 0.0020%wt


UK Kerosene/ Regular Burning Oil Delivery Service


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